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Picturing the Past

1 min read

Featuring nearly 100 works of art aimed to faithfully recreate life on prehistoric Earth, 'Picturing the Past' gives us what we believe to be the best artistic interpretation of life before man. The exhibit also includes abstract, woven and sculpted expressions of terrestrial history.

K20 LEARN Strategies

Quickly select from 100+ learning strategies from this page or use the search and filter option. Each strategy is presented as a flip card summarizing the strategy. The card then links to more details on the strategy. K20 LEARN also offers lessons, activities, and phenomemon-based science resources (NGSS).

#PaleoArt - New Visions of Ancient Creatures | @SciFri | #video

1 min read

Paleoartist and science illustrator Gabriel Ugueto shares how he resurrects ancient organisms by starting with a single bone and working his way from inside out. The video was a production of ScienceFriday.

The #MassExtinction Detectives - Methods | @SciFri | #Triassic #climatechange

A story of two paleontogists on a fossil dig at Indian Creek in Bears Ear National Monument, UT. The fossils provide clues to the End Triassic mass exctinction and the period's climate to today's climate change.

#Earthrise: A #Video Reconstruction | @APOD

1 min read

An explanation and credits for this video reconstruction is provided at Astronomy Picture of the Day. Details of the 1968 Earthrise are provided by NASA's Science Visualization Studio

State of Minnesota Water Feature Map and list of county Lakes, Rivers, Streams - CCCarto

A map and listing of Minnesota rivers, lakes, streams and water features.

Your Children's #Yellowstone Will Be Radically Different | @NYTClimate | #climatechange

This interactive New York Times article looks at how climate change is altering Yellowstone National Park.

How #dinosaurs are brought back to life--through art | @john_pickrell @NatGeo | #paleoart

A National Geographic story by John Pickrell that looks at how paleoartists bring their prehistoric visions to life from the Picturing the Past exhibit @NMMNHS.Thoughts and artwok by Brian Engh, Matt Celesky, Beth Zaiken and Gabriel N. U.

A mystery #dinosaur in the nation’s basement | Washington Post @PostGraphics | #interactive #skull

An interactive article about a story on a triceratops-like skull from the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Details of the Nedoceratops skull are highlighted using 3D interactive photogrammetry. Additional background information is provided on: its complicated name, its origin. and its fate.