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Planet 9: "Insensitive" Term Riles Scientists | Concern how to #define a #planet

Leonard David, a space journalist, shares that a "heady" group of space scientists have posted a reminder concerned on how to define the term "planet."

#Seismic Station #Monitor | @IRIS_EPO @EarthScopeInfo @NSF_GEO

Station Monitor provides access to continuous, real-time ground motion from hundreds of locations around the world. What's shaking in your world?

Dinosaurier Info

Uwe Jelting provides, as a part of a private project, a smaller version of his site in order to provide new information about dinosaurs faster, in lieu of elaborate descriptions on dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and early birds with artwork and links to papers . His list of dinosaur species links directly to description on the site.

Dinosaur Diamond Road Trip: Dinosaur Diamond Road Trip in Utah and Colorado

A post about a summer 2018 road trip on the Dinosaur Diamond. The post includes: recommended readings and sources; and a brief summary, with plenty of images, of various sites visited from the Utah Field House in Vernal to the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.

#Interactive Ancient #Earth globe | #Jurassic Period

The interactive globe allows you to select time periods by age or first geologic or organism events.Plate Tectonics and paleogeographic maps from C. R. Scotese's PALEOMAP Project are used. A brief summary of your selected time period is provided. You may also enter an address to view it on the globe.This interactive globe is part of Dinosaur Database. Both are projects of Ian Webster.

Mass #Extinctions #Interactive | HHMI @BioInteractive

HHMI BioInteractive offers  a summary page and link to launch their online interactive about environmental factors that caused the five big mass extinctions in Earth's history and which species they impacted. Also, the interactive asks to consider if we're experiencing a sixth extinction.

Paleobiology Database Navigator Introduction | Dr. Phoebe Cohen, Williams College @GeoSciTweeps

1 min read

A 7:39 video intoducing the navigation and use of filters in this online database at PBDB Navigator.


OWDI Drought | Colorado River Basin historic #drought interactive guide | @interior @OSUCEOAS

This online interactive guide, using open data, provides background and reources to the historic Colorado River Basin drought since 2000 impacting water supply, hydropower, recreation and ecology. 

The Weight of Mountains | Studiocanoe

1 min read

This is a short film about the processes by which mountains are created and eventually destroyed. It is based upon the work of a British geographer L. Dudley Stamp, and was shot in Iceland.

Who Owns the #Rights to a #Dinosaur Skeleton? | @HowStuffWorks

Private vs. public ownership and rights are discussed with SVP president Dr. David Polly in the wake of a recent probably-an-allosaurus auction.

The impact to science is also discussed:

Peer review is an important facet of paleontology. If one dinosaur expert writes something about a particular fossil, his or her colleagues need to be able to go back and inspect the specimen for themselves. Doing so requires guaranteed access to the remains — something private fossil-owners may choose to withhold.