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A #Guide to Some of the World’s Largest #Dinosaurs | @AMNH | #Jurassic #sauropods

Five sauropods are highlighted in this post from the American Museum of Natural History. What is amazing is not their massive size or long necks with tiny heads but that they were one of the most successful groups to roam our planet--for 140 million years! Read about: Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Camarasaurus, and Patagotitan.

An Elegy for #Hatcher the #Triceratops @NMNH | @SmithsonianMag | #paleontology #dinosaur #museum #display

The David H. Koch Hall of Fossils - Deep Time opens up in the spring of 2019. Read about Hatcher, a long time resident at the National Museum of Natural History, his legacy at the museum, and changes that he will undergo. A 3:40 video also highlights the upcoming opening of the renoveted hall.

Driving the West – latest entry by Robert Gay (@paleorob) | #CO #UT #geology #paleontology #GoPro #videos

Enjoy the various drives along Colorado and Utah's main and back roads with commentary on the geology and paleontology of the are by paleontologits Robert Gay, in his '94 Suburu wagon, and mounted GoPro camera.

USA #Wildfires Live #Updates | @Esri #StoryMap

A realtime interactive map of US wildfires with live updates on contaiment and acreage.

The #Jurassic's Big 5 | Scientific American Blog Network | @sciam | #MorrisonFm #ecology

Brian Switek (@Laelaps) provides a snaphot view of the Morrison Formation's inbatitants and ecologies based on the space and time study of 291 fossil localities by John Whitlock, Kelli Trujillo, and Gina Hanik.

The Geologic History of Colorado by the Interactive Geology Project | #COgeology #video

1 min read

A Brief History of Colorado Through Time from Interactive Geology Project on Vimeo.

This 25-minute movie illustrates the geologic evolution of Colorado through time, and was used to introduced the AAPG Conference in Denver in May of 2015. This movie is part of the outreach by the Interactive Geology Project of the University of Colorado Boulder in which scientifiaclly accurate digital animations and interactive displays are created for public outreach in schools, museums, national parks, and the general public. Their collection of other Vimeo work may be found here. or in their video library. All media used in this movie was available under Creative Commons licenses, in the public domain, or used with permission by the creator.

The #Teacher-Friendly #Guide™ to #ClimateChange | @PRInstitution

The TeachClimateScience blog is the one-stop place for all things related to The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change book from the Paleontological Reseach Institute (PRI).You can download the entire book as a pdf file here. Each chapter, with selected activities and resources, may be viewed from this blog. A crowdfunding campaign is underway to distribute copies of the book to all high school science teachers free nationwaide.

Watch a #Dinosaur Expert React to Dinosaur #Movies | @NYMag

1 min read

From New York Magazine's Vulture video series, Dr. Paul Olsen from Columbia University critiques dinosaur clips from Hollywood in this 7:43 video.

What Causes #Ocean Currents? | @ESRI #StoryMap

A great interactive guide with beautiful visualizations and great explanations.