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Photos: Terrible Lizards—#Dinosaur Statues of Questionable Accuracy | @TheAtlantic | #paleoart

25 wonderfully quaint (or unintentiaonally horrifying) dinosaur statues, some famous some obscure. h/t @anatotitan

How Do We Know What #Dinosaurs Looked Like? | @SciFri @BSoash | #educator #paleontology #paleoart #resource

A free educator's resource by Brian Soash and Science Friday. The resource allows students to explore the process behind what paleontologists and paleoartists do within the context of dinosaurs from the Jurassic Morrison formation. Materials include: student notebook, dinosaur ID guide, and Morrison Formation organisms. Images by Rebecca Hunt-Foster (@paleochick).

How #dinosaurs are brought back to life--through art | @john_pickrell @NatGeo | #paleoart

A National Geographic story by John Pickrell that looks at how paleoartists bring their prehistoric visions to life from the Picturing the Past exhibit @NMMNHS.Thoughts and artwok by Brian Engh, Matt Celesky, Beth Zaiken and Gabriel N. U.

The Surprising Evolution of Dinosaur Drawings |The Atlantic

Asher Elbein describes the differing approaches to paleoart since the 1800s by focusing on two recently published paleoart books: Taschen's Paleoart: Visions of the Prehistoric Past by Zoe Lescaze and Titan Books' Dinosaur Art II: The Cutting Edge of Paleoart by Steve White. Links to works of featured paleoartists are included in the article.


Here's What We Used to Think #Dinosaurs Looked Like | @NatGeo | #paleoart #book #interview

Simon Warrall interviews Zoe Lescaze on her Paleoart: Visions of the Prehistoric Past book.

Today many of the first "paleoart" masterpieces lie gatheing dust in museum storage rooms, their creators forgotten. But these paintings once attracted large audiences, aroused intense controversy, and deeply influenced later visions of prehistory, from King Kong to Fantasia, ...

All the #Dinosaurs You Love Were Created by #Artists | @Crixeo | #paleoart

Katherine DM Clover (@Postnuc_mama) describes the influence of paleoartists visual representations of prehistoric creatures on culture through examples of Charles Knight, Gregory Paul and their present-day collaboration with paleontologists.

New scientific data, and fresh interpretations of old data, can lead to massive shifts in our understanding of the past.

#Paleoart: the strange history of #dinosaurs in #art – in pictures | @guardian

A series of eight classic examples of paleoart from 1853 to 1990 from Taschen's new paleoart book, Paleoart: Visions of the Prehistoric Past by writer Zoe Lescaze and artist Walton Ford.


Palaeoart Memes and the Unspoken Status Quo in Palaeontological Popularization | by @TetZoo | #PopPalaeo

A discussion of paleoart memes--the repeated themes of detail, composition and design of fossil animals--through four examples. A link to the Popularizing Paleontolgy conference website with videos of talks is provided>.

Picturing Dinosaurs |

A wonderful and varied collection of dinosaur artwork.

An Eddy in the Stream of Things by Laura Bliss | Inside the World of Paleoart | Method

How paleoartists render dinosaurs and other extinct organisms. Features work of: Douglas Henderson, Mark Witton, and Emily Willoughby.