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A comparison of two StoryMaps - Three Dinosaur Tracksites

2 min read

(image by Phoebe Ferguson from her GeoCorps StoryMap)

Our school has a K12 Esri organizational account in which I'm the admin. Last summer I was introduced to their StoryMaps application and using a tutorial from a webinar, I attempted my first StoryMap, 

I chose the topic of dinosaur tracksites since I had also been working with vacation photos at the same time. My first StoryMap was a simple three slide Tour in order to become acquainted with the builder tools. The StoryMap was initially titled, "Dino tracksites example" and it can be viewed here.

After another trip out west, I came back and discovered that Esri had just announced that they had released a re-designed StoryMaps platform. Taking the best elements from the various templates in their earlier version and combing them into a single set of builder tools. I decided to try it and made a StoryMap based on my recent trip. I found the new platform to be more intuitive and focused more on the story telling aspect of your creation. 

I decided to create another StoryMap with the new platform. So I thought why not take my first attempt and rebuild it with the new StoryMaps bulder block. I also wanted to try some new features and make the opening title page more inviting. My first StoryMap evolved into this version.

I plan to use the new StoryMaps platform along with Esri's Survey123 application with my students this upcoming year as a part of a citizen science project. We'll gather observational data,, have the students create their own map to analyze the data and then tell the story around their project by creating and publishing a StoryMap.