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#Paleogeography & #PlateTectonics | @EsriStoryMaps | #Earth #StoryMap

From Pangaea to the continents of today, follow the evolution of Earth over 200 million years in this fascinating  Esri Story Map.

Water Filtration Challenge Activity | NASA/JPL Edu

Students are challenged to design and build a water filtration device using commonly available materials. To meet the challege, students use an iterative process as they build, test and measure the performance of the filtration device, analyze the dat collected, and use this information to work toward animproved filtration device.

Paper models for geology

A wide variety of paper models to help students visualize the 3D geometries associated with faults. Free downloads offered by the Fault Analysis Group from the School of Earth Sciences, University College Dublin.

My NASA Data | @mynasadata | #earthsystem #data #visualization #tool

my NASA data

Explore the newest My NASA Data collection of resources spotlighting the Next Generation Science Standards related to Earth System phenomena. This latest collection provides resources focused on huricanes, sea and ice melt, land use and cover change, El Nino, flow of energy and matter among the Earth System, and deforestation. Eachof these featured phenomena have corresponding maps, graphs, and/or data mini-lessons, full lesson plans and activities, STWM career connections, GLOBE connections and other resources.

One More: Dinosaur Caravan | University of Utah Continuum

A photo essay of the 1924 freight wagon transfer of 60,000 pounds of fossils from the Dinosaur National Monument to the University of Utah.

#Dinosaurs Roar Again, Now Including a Focus on #ClimateChange | @AGU_Eos | #fossils #DeepTime

An article introducing the newly renovated fossil hall at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History that features spectacular fossils and includes a theme of human impact on life on Earth. The article includes a sneak peek video and sections on: the Koch gift, transformation of the hall, and the human connection to the exhibit.


#GelogistProblems by @NadWGab

A moments page of funny tweets by Nadine, Hunter of Rock @NadWGab.

150th Anniversary of the Powell Expedition | @USGS | #powell150 #river #science

The USGS is participating in this year's Sesquicentenial Colorado River Exploring Expedition ( to collect data over the almost 1,000-mile journey, talk about USGS science, and generate educational resources. The site includes: a Story Map by EROS, educational resources, explorer activities, and links to multimedia and publications. @MajorJWPowell


#Ocean Through Time | @OceanPortal | #DeepTime

An illustrated overview of how the ocean evolved over time from the Precambrian to the Present Day, including human exploitation The article also includes an overview of the Smithsonian's collections and research.