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More science in more places with Science Journal and Google Drive

Google's Science Journal now syncs with Google Drive allowing one to easily access and back up their experiments. This announcement also includes links for new resources on teacher professional development modules and science activities from Scholastic, Arduino, Vernier's Go Direct sensors, Wokbernch, and the Science Journal website.


#StudentVoice Infused #Assessment #Conferencing |Trevor MacKenzie | @trev_mackenzie

Inquiry Student infographic

Find out how educator Trevor MacKenzie is giving students voice in their assessments and report cards.

Visitor Information #Guide to #Fossils in #Utah | @utahgeological

An interactive map highlights various tracksites, museums, and quarry sites in Utah. Links provided for additional information on each attraction.

The Delicate Art of #Dinosaur #Restoration with Peter May | @NUVOmag

A thorough look at what goes on behind the scenes of Reasearch Casting International (RCI) with owner Peter May and his team--one of the best in dinosaur restorations.

Photos: Terrible Lizards—#Dinosaur Statues of Questionable Accuracy | @TheAtlantic | #paleoart

25 wonderfully quaint (or unintentiaonally horrifying) dinosaur statues, some famous some obscure. h/t @anatotitan

How Do We Know What #Dinosaurs Looked Like? | @SciFri @BSoash | #educator #paleontology #paleoart #resource

A free educator's resource by Brian Soash and Science Friday. The resource allows students to explore the process behind what paleontologists and paleoartists do within the context of dinosaurs from the Jurassic Morrison formation. Materials include: student notebook, dinosaur ID guide, and Morrison Formation organisms. Images by Rebecca Hunt-Foster (@paleochick).

History of Howe Quarry | @AMNH | #Jurassic #dinosaur #paleontology

Howe quarry

A blog post by the American Museun of Natural History about Barnum Brown's discovery of ~4000 bones in 6 months at the Howe Quarry in 1934, outside of Shell, WY. The Howe Quarry collection primarily remained in storage until last year when Emanuel Tschopp is now preparing and studying the collection. The post included historic photos of the expedition, recollections by Brown and the importance of the quarry map by expedition member Roland Bird.

Dinosaurier, Pterosaurier und die Vögel des Mesozoikum

In German, Uwe Jelting provides as a part of a private project, a smaller version of his site in order to provide new information about dinosaurs faster, in lieu of elaborate descriptions on dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and early birds with artwork and links to papers. His list of dinosaur species links directly to description on the site.