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What’s Next For Utah’s National Monuments? | @scifri | #BearsEars #paleontology

In this 23:29 episode of Science Friday, paleontologits David Polly and Stuart Sumida discuss the future of two fossil-rich national monuments with law professor John Rupple in light of recent lawsuits regarding cuts to both monuments. Photos from Bears Ears NM and related links including paleontological repercussions, an interactive map of Grand Staircase-Escalante NM and Bears Ears MM, drilling progress, and a video of 100 photos of Bears Ears from Friends of Cedar Mesa are included.

NASA Storm Analysis of Florence | @NASA | #HurricaneFlorence #satellitedata

1 min read

Using Earth-observing satellite data, NASA scientists have been analyzing the amount of rain that fell from Hurrica Florence. NASA has been providing a steady stream of information to FEMA, the National Guard, and other state and federal agencies to help assist the hurricane's impact. Learn more about how NASA studies thes storms at 

SUE the T. Rex | Field Museum Blog

Get to know the dinosaur known as Specimen FMNH PR 2081

How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born? | @nytimes | #climatechange

See how the temperature has shifted in your own hometown over your own lifetime by simply entering your hometown and birth year. Interactive graphs and visuals are included in this analysis for The New York Times by the Climate Impact Lab, a group of climate scientists, economists, and data analysts from the University of Chicago, Rutgers University, and the University of California, Berkely.

Search for Baby Dinosaurs!? by @EthanCowgill

1 min read

A 32:03 video on the discovery of Egg Mountain by Jack Horner and Bob Makela. | Our home on #nativeland | @nativelandnet | #indigenous #history #community #map

native lands map

This interactive map is dedicated to helping people across the world learn more about their local indigenous history. The map is searchable by territory, languages, and treaties. Learn more about Victor Temprano's project, the project's community & blog, and the project's teacher's guide. (image source)

Check It Out - CheckItOut for Google Forms is Back! | @rmbyrne Free Technology for Teachers


Richard Byrne provides a description, limks, and a "How to Create a Check-in/Check-out System in Google Forms" tutorial video,

PaleoDEM Resource - Scotese and Wright (2018) | @EarthByteGroup

A resource to download PALEOMAP PaleoDEMS and related PaleoAtlases. The PaleoDEMS describe the changing distribution of deep oceans, shallow seas, lowlands, and mountainous regions during the last 540 million years at 5 million year intervals.


A #Guide to Some of the World’s Largest #Dinosaurs | @AMNH | #Jurassic #sauropods

Five sauropods are highlighted in this post from the American Museum of Natural History. What is amazing is not their massive size or long necks with tiny heads but that they were one of the most successful groups to roam our planet--for 140 million years! Read about: Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Camarasaurus, and Patagotitan.

An Elegy for #Hatcher the #Triceratops @NMNH | @SmithsonianMag | #paleontology #dinosaur #museum #display

The David H. Koch Hall of Fossils - Deep Time opens up in the spring of 2019. Read about Hatcher, a long time resident at the National Museum of Natural History, his legacy at the museum, and changes that he will undergo. A 3:40 video also highlights the upcoming opening of the renoveted hall.