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#Minnesota Natural Resource Atlas: Northeast Region | @UMDNRRI1 |#MN #resources #GIS #mappingtool

The main features of the Atlas from UMD's Natural Resources Reasearch Institute are a multidisciplinary, spatial database and an interactive mapping tool.

The database provides users access to over 250 data layers from reputable sources covering 26 counties in Noertheastern Minnesota. The data can be accessed directly within the mapping tool or downloaded for external use.

The mapping tool has basic Geographical Information System (GIS) analytical capabilities. The mapping tool allows users to view different combinations of data, make measurements, perform basic analyses, and share the results.


#Digital #Atlas of Ancient Life | Exploring the Diversity and History of #Fossil Life | @PaleoDigAtlas | #OER

A free resource to help individuals to identify and better understand fossil species from particular regions and time intervals. Presently, four digital atlases have been developed or are under active construction:

  • Cretaceous Atlas of Ancient Life: Western Interior Seaway
  • Digital Atlas of Ordovician Life: Exploring the Fauna of the Cincinnati Region
  • Neogene Atlas of Ancient Life: Southeastern United States
  • Pennsylvanian Atlas of Ancient Life: Midcontinent United States