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native lands map

This interactive map is dedicated to helping people across the world learn more about their local indigenous history. The map is searchable by territory, languages, and treaties. Learn more about Victor Temprano's project, the project's community & blog, and the project's teacher's guide. (image source)

Driving the West – latest entry by Robert Gay (@paleorob) | #CO #UT #geology #paleontology #GoPro #videos

Enjoy the various drives along Colorado and Utah's main and back roads with commentary on the geology and paleontology of the are by paleontologits Robert Gay, in his '94 Suburu wagon, and mounted GoPro camera.

The Geologic History of Colorado by the Interactive Geology Project | #COgeology #video

1 min read

A Brief History of Colorado Through Time from Interactive Geology Project on Vimeo.

This 25-minute movie illustrates the geologic evolution of Colorado through time, and was used to introduced the AAPG Conference in Denver in May of 2015. This movie is part of the outreach by the Interactive Geology Project of the University of Colorado Boulder in which scientifiaclly accurate digital animations and interactive displays are created for public outreach in schools, museums, national parks, and the general public. Their collection of other Vimeo work may be found here. or in their video library. All media used in this movie was available under Creative Commons licenses, in the public domain, or used with permission by the creator.

Could #Humans and #Dinosaurs #Coexist? Here's the #Science | @NatGeo

Could dinosaurs be resurrected and survive in the present world? John Pickrell looks into this question by examining: dinosaur DNA over geologic time; gene-editing technology and de-extinction; and could dinosaurs survive in the present world with different ecological resources and relationships.

Dinosaur Diamond Road Trip: Dinosaur Diamond Road Trip in Utah and Colorado

A post about a summer 2018 road trip on the Dinosaur Diamond. The post includes: recommended readings and sources; and a brief summary, with plenty of images, of various sites visited from the Utah Field House in Vernal to the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.

Marie Tharp: Uncovering the Secrets of the Ocean Floor - with Helen Czerski | The Royal Institution

1 min read

 Continental drift is common knowledge now, but when the idea was first proposed it was revolutionary. Helen Czerski tells the story of how the maps of one of history's finest cartographers shifted our view of the planet (4:32 video). 

#Colorado’s Black Canyon of the Gunnison @BlackCanyonNPS | EPOD @EarthPic | #geology #landform

This Earth Science Picture of the Day has two images of the canyon and describes its formation by Ray Boren.

Free Downloadables | Total Solar #Eclipse2017 #Resources from @NASASun | #K12 #community #science

Over 30+ free resources to download--from maps, posters, fact sheet, safety bulletin, to social media banners and make your own flyers--for use in your classroom, community, and events.

Real World: #Earth #Systems | @NASA_eClips | #K12 #video #realworld #connections

1 min read

Middle school students learn in this 5:02 video that the Earth is a dynamic set of subsystems--the atmoshere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere and biosphere. The subsystems interact in complex ways. Two NASA scientists, an atmospheric scientist from NASA Langley Research Center and an Earth scientist from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, are interviewed. They answer questions and demonstrate how satellites and mathematical modeling help scientists improve their predictions of climate, weather, and natural hazards.

#Dinosurs #video | #ColoradoExperience | @RockyMountainPBS

1 min read

A Rocky Mountain PBS episode (27:19) was submitted by Rick Wallner and the 7th Graders of Century Middle School with @DinosaurJourney curator of paleontolgy Julia McHugh. Once a tropical landscape inhabited by dinosaurs, Colorado has a fascinating history of paleontology. Discover the "Bone Wars" of the late 1800s and the major fossil finds across Colorado. h/t @DinosaurJourney

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