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The #Teacher-Friendly #Guide™ to #ClimateChange | @PRInstitution

The TeachClimateScience blog is the one-stop place for all things related to The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change book from the Paleontological Reseach Institute (PRI).You can download the entire book as a pdf file here. Each chapter, with selected activities and resources, may be viewed from this blog. A crowdfunding campaign is underway to distribute copies of the book to all high school science teachers free nationwaide.

What Causes #Ocean Currents? | @ESRI #StoryMap

A great interactive guide with beautiful visualizations and great explanations.

OWDI Drought | Colorado River Basin historic #drought interactive guide | @interior @OSUCEOAS

This online interactive guide, using open data, provides background and reources to the historic Colorado River Basin drought since 2000 impacting water supply, hydropower, recreation and ecology. 

Musubi Earth | 4th Graders learn #earthscience #arts

1 min read

The Musubi Earth Project from Pomaikai Elementry has elementary students build Earth-shaped musubis in this 1:33 video as a prequel to learning about fast and slow processes and the formation of the Hawaiian islands.

Musubi Earth from Pomaikai Elementary on Vimeo.