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State of Minnesota Water Feature Map and list of county Lakes, Rivers, Streams - CCCarto

A map and listing of Minnesota rivers, lakes, streams and water features.

#Mineral Deposits of the Midcontinent Rift System | @USGS Geonarrative | #geology #StoryMaps

A Geonarrative by the US Geologic Survey using ESRI's StoryMaps platform. About 1.1 billion years ago tectonic forces were ripping the Noeth American continent in half--for a modern analog think East African rift zone. The rift process failed but not before a wealth of metallic mineral deposits--nickel, native copper, copper sulfide, silver, uraniun, iron oxide, cobalt, ...--were empced along the northern section of the rift zone.

This Geonarrative intoduces the MidContinent Rift System (MRS), describes both magmatic and hydrothernal deposits associated with it, introduces a new MRS geologic database, and offers additional resources.

midcontinent rift

h/t StoryMaps - a brave new tool for geoscience outeach, @AZGeology 


Climaograph Portal | @mndnr | #MN #climate

The Minnesota State Climatology Office has recently developed climagraphs (monthly graphical depictiins of temperature and precipitation normals) for all climate stations in the state. These are very useful for looking at different climates within the state, and also if you are traveling aound the state.

The man who brought #dinosaurs to #MN to retire at 86 | @kare11

A newscast video and accompanying article with additional images recognizing the career of paleontologist Bruce Erickson for 58 year career with the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Geology | Minnesota River Basin Data Center | #MN #glacial #geology #landscape #videos

An "Ask an Expert" page listing 10 short videos of the geology of the Minnesota River Basin by Dr. Carrie Jennings, a glacial geologist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Topics include: Story of Lake Aggasiz and Glacial River Warren; geology and water quality; some of Earth's oldest rocks; What is a glacial moraine?; and the bend in the Minnesota River Valley. Additional resource links to: 360 panoramic view; flash animations on MN glaciation and River Warren and valley formation; and a pdf on a DNR excerpt on the Geology of the Minnesota River Basin.

Accessing Minnesota's Geological Data using ArcGIS On line | #MN #geology #GIS

Access Minnesota's geological data in one site--from a state geologic map to a 3D outcrop of the Platteville Fm. An ESRI story map.

What's Under Your House - Map: Minnesota DNR

At this DNR site you type in a Minnesota address and it shows an aerial view with the depth to bedrock and the soils/rock type under that address.

New Insights into North America's Midcontinent Rift | @AGU_Eos | #MN #geology

Formation at a plate boundary, a hybrid rift, how it evolved, seismic imaging surprises, hot spot supply excess magma? failure, other insights into other rifts and continental margins, and geology effects on culture (video clip). NSF grant and CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 h/t @earthscienceguy

Ancient glaciers shaped these Twin Cities. Here's how. -

A topographic map of glacial features for the Twin Cities, created by the Pioneer Press, and accompanying article explaining how these glacial features shaped the development of the Twin Cities over time.

Lake Superior and the Mid-Continent Rift - The billion year story | #LakeSuperior #geology #video

A 13-minute video "Lake Superior and the Midcontinent Rift: the billion year story"​ tells the “story behind the scenery” covering both the geology and geoheritage - how the Mid-continent rift gave rise to Lake Superior that is the basis of the area’s water-based history and economy, the copper deposits that shaped the region’s settlement and growth, and today’s tourist industry.

The video was produced by Northwestern University and features several EarthScope researchers.

The video is available on the EarthScope YouTube channel at . h/t @earthscienceguy

Update (7/18/16): The video is now available at: