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Planet 9: "Insensitive" Term Riles Scientists | Concern how to #define a #planet

Leonard David, a space journalist, shares that a "heady" group of space scientists have posted a reminder concerned on how to define the term "planet."

Are there total #solareclipses elsewhere in the #SolarSystem? | @thephysicsgirl | #Mars #Jupiter #Saturn #Pluto

1 min read

Do the moons of Mars or the moons of Jupiter or moons of Pluto cause a total solar eciipse for those planets? What about the rings of Saturn? Watch this 5:04 video by Dianna Cowern or the Physics Girl to find out.

A Colorful 'Landing' on Pluto by NASA

1 min read

This movie was made from more than 100 images taken by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft over six weeks of approach and close flyby in the summer of 2015. The video offers a trip down onto the surface of Pluto -- starting with a distant view of Pluto and its largest moon, Charon -- and leading up to an eventual ride in for a "landing" on the shoreline of Pluto's informally named Sputnik Planitia.

Drawn to Geoscience: Pluto and the Dwarfs | The Plainspoken Scientist | @theAGU | #pluto #comic #scicomm

Comics drawn (and the process explained) by JoAnna Wendel for AGU's magazine Eos. The comic is based on an article, “Six Things Dwarf Planets Have Taught Us About the Solar System,”

Why I Still Love Pluto by Mike Brown

The Pluto of my childhood imagination will be gone, replaced by images of the real thing. And I’m OK with that. -Mike Brown (discoverer of Eris which led to Pluto losing its planetary status)