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Driving the West – latest entry by Robert Gay (@paleorob) | #CO #UT #geology #paleontology #GoPro #videos

Enjoy the various drives along Colorado and Utah's main and back roads with commentary on the geology and paleontology of the are by paleontologits Robert Gay, in his '94 Suburu wagon, and mounted GoPro camera.

Dinosaur Diamond Road Trip: Dinosaur Diamond Road Trip in Utah and Colorado

A post about a summer 2018 road trip on the Dinosaur Diamond. The post includes: recommended readings and sources; and a brief summary, with plenty of images, of various sites visited from the Utah Field House in Vernal to the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.

Utah #Paleontologists Turn to #Crowdfunding for #Raptor Project | @nytimes | @UtahraptorTrap

A New York Time's article by Asher Elbein describing Utahraptor and the history of a 2001 find leading to a GoFundMe project to help prepare a nine ton block that contains skeletons of a herbivorous dinosaur, a 16 foot adult Utahraptor, four jueveniles, and a hatchling.

ReBecca Hunt Foster- NHMU DinoFest 2017

1 min read

From the NHMU DinoFest 2017 lecture series. This video outlines the discovery, study of, and preservation of the Mill Canyon tracksite.