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What Dives #PlateTectonics? | new #animation #video by @IRIS_EPO

1 min read

Lithospheric plates are part of a planetary scale thermal convection system. The energy source for plate tectonics is Earth’s internal heat while the forces moving the plates are the “ridge push” and “slab pull” gravity forces. (6:53 video)

The most groundbreaking scientist you've never heard of... | #TedEd #Science #history #video

1 min read

This 4:32 TedEd lesson by Addison Anderson, with animation by Anton Bogaty, recounts the little-known legacy of Nickolas Steno to the fields of geology, paleontology and biology. It was Steno's insistence on empiricism over blind history that influenced the likes of Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin.

Eruptions, Earthquakes & Emissions | Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program | #tectonics #animation

The "Eruptions, Earthquakes, & Emissions" web application (or "E3") is a time-lapse animation of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes since 1960. It also shows volcanic gas emissions (sulfur dioxide, SO2) since 1978 — the first year satellites were available to provide global monitoring of SO2. Similar to Alan Jone's Seismic/Eruption desktop program.

Inside Yellowstone's Supervolcano

Take an interactive journey deep inside Yellowstone's magnificent supervolcano from National Geographic.

Jurassic World in 90 seconds | #LEGO #animation

1 min read

A new video remaking all of the Summer 2015 movie,  Jurassic World, in Lego form. It gets the job done in just 90 seconds, saving you approximately two hours. Brotherhood Workshop created the video. Enjoy!

An Object at Rest by Seth Boyden | Vimeo Staff Pick | #geology #animation

1 min read

A 5:43 CalArts final thesis film by Seth Boyden that in his words, "follows the life of a stone as it travels over the course of millenia, facing nature's greatest obstacle: human civilization." h/t Paleo_Pals

An Object at Rest from Seth Boyden on Vimeo.