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The Hard Truths of #ClimateChange - By the Numbers | @NatureNews | #climateviz #dataviz

A set of troubling immersive charts showing how little progress nations have made toward limiting greenhouse-gas emissions.

Scale of the Solar System with accurate rotations (remastered) | James O'Donoghue @physicsJ | #solarsystem #visualization

1 min read

This animation is to help understand the size scales of the Solar System, along with the roation rates of the planets. At all times, the scale of the planets and the Sun are accurate. Images are from NASA.

[Update] The eight planets and two dwarf planets | James O'Donoghue @physicsJ | #solarsystem #visualization

1 min read

Now with Pluto and Ceres:

Shown: rotation, tilt, sidereal day, Tilts are "Obliquity to orbit" as there are multiple definitions of "axial tilt." There are still many unmapped dwarf planets. (source)

2 Degrees C: Beyond the Limit | @WaPo | #climatechange #dataviz

A long article by Chris Mooney and others about the extreme measures of climate change that are already occurring across the USA. Northerm Minnesota is one area where the change in temperature has been most extreme, and highlighted in this article.The article also includes several examples of data visualization.

Nope, Earth Isn't Cooling graphics

1 min read

From the July 12, 2019 NASA Global Climate Change blog post, Alan Buis provides these two graphics:

brief temperature decline graphic

Data source: NASA's Goddard Institure for Space Studies. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


temperatures are rising by 5 agencies

Long-term independent global temperature records maintained by NASA, NOAA, and the UK's Climatic Research Center.