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Digging Up A New #Dinosaur | @OnPointRadio - NPR | Meet #Patagotitan

Guests of this 47:04 program include:

  • Traci Watson, a USA Today science contributor
  • Diego Pol, a co-author of the new study
  • Jeff Wison, an associate curator of Museum of Paleontolgy at the University of Michigan

Three related articles are shared along with six images to introduce Argentina's Patagotitan.

Next stop on the Dinosaur Diamond: Moab. My GeoCorps™ Experience in Canyon Country, Utah | Jessica Uglesich

A guest blog post for the Geological Society of America by a BLM intern describing her experience with developing public outreach and education. Jessica also decribes her work with recovering bones from a looted site and work with the local Dystrophaeus project (@Dystrophaeus).

A #Dinosaur So Well Preserved It Looks Like a Statue | @TheAtlantic | #nodosaur #fossil

An article by Ed Yong on the discovery, extraction, preparation and reconstruction by the Royal Tyrell Museum of Borealopelta.

Discover How This #Dinosaur Became An Extraordinary #Fossil | @NatGeo | #nodosaur

A great illustrated story showing how @RoyalTyrell's nodosaur, Borealopelta fossilized.


Engineering a predator dinosaur: Allosaurus feeding mechanics | Ohio Univ. Witmer Lab project page

Witmer Lab's Allosaurus reconstruction

A 2013 article appaered in Palaeontologia Electronica that explores the feeding biology of Allosaurus using soft tissue reconstruction and multibody dynamics. The integrative study was based on a cast of Big Al (MOR 693). A summary , images, movies, PDF downloads, and news releases are compiled on the project page. 

The Mystery of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Death Trap by @SciShow | #dinosaur #mystery

1 min read

Hank Green and team share the findings of the recent CLDQ study by Peterson et al. for the first half of this week's SciShow (4:49). The last half is on the tubelip wrasse, a mucus-drenched fish.

Mystery of Cleveland Dinosaur Graveyard Finally Solved by Scientists | #dinosaurs #mystery @BLMNational

“We are finding some consensus among the many hypotheses surrounding CLDQ,” says study author Jonathan Warnock, from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The PeerJ article may be found at: A blog summary of the study's findings and new explanation can be found at:

Update (6/21): Bran Switek shares the findings in his Laelops post, "The Making of an Allosaurus Graveyard."

Additional take on the Newsweek article by Randall Irmis of the Natural History Museum of Utah is provided at "Science Beyound the Headlines." In it, Randall Irmis shares the importance of working with multiple hypotheses at the 150 million year old mystery of the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry and that there is no need to revise NHMU's exhibit on the CLDQ.

Making B-Movie Magic on a Dinosaur Dig | @NatGeo PROOF | #dinosaur #toy #photos

A “Land of the Lost” meets modern Montana. Kim Hubbard makes tintype photographs of toy Jurassic dinosaurs at a Livingston, MT dig site in the Morrison Fm.

#Dinosaur #Stickers (docx) | @BritGeoSurvey

Make your own dinosaur stickers! Download (docx) AND print the set of 10 dinosaurs for FREE via @BritGeoSurvey, Printing Dinosaur stickers: You will need a color printer and A4 sheets of label stickers (10 per sheet each sticker 105 mm wide by 57 mm tall). Make sure you print single sided and place the sheet the right way in the printer up so that it prints onto the sticker itself. (A pdf file is also available at