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Structure of the Earth: the story of the waves

A 20 minute lesson where students interpret a graph showing how the velocities of P- and S-waves change with depth in the Earth, Two tables summarize the properties of seismic waves and layers of the Earth. Links are provided for printable teacher notes and student's material. From the Joint Earth Science Education Inititive and the excercise from the Earth Science Teachr's Association series of teaching materials.

What Will Happen When Earth's Plates Stop? | @NatGeo | #platetectonics

A 2018 study suggests the mantle will cool to such an extent that the plates will grind to a halt in 1.45 billion years--changing life on Earth as we know it.

Visiting #Geoscientist Home | @AGIeducation @AAPG | #outreach #guide

A companion website for a downloadable pdf handbook to inspire geoscience professionals and assist them to provide Earth Science enrichment and activities for K12 students. The handbbok has six sections--Enrichment, pedagogy, curricula, classroom tips, investiogations, and resources.

Nope, Earth Isn't Cooling graphics

1 min read

From the July 12, 2019 NASA Global Climate Change blog post, Alan Buis provides these two graphics:

brief temperature decline graphic

Data source: NASA's Goddard Institure for Space Studies. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


temperatures are rising by 5 agencies

Long-term independent global temperature records maintained by NASA, NOAA, and the UK's Climatic Research Center.

Watch as the Ridgecrest #earthquake shatters desert floor in stunning before-and-after #images | @latimes | #GoogleEarth #faulting

Animated slides show how the 2019 Ridgecrest CA earthquake permanently jolted a huge block of Earth along the fault away from the other. Images by @SotisValkan / Google Earth / Digital Globe.

#Paleogeography & #PlateTectonics | @EsriStoryMaps | #Earth #StoryMap

From Pangaea to the continents of today, follow the evolution of Earth over 200 million years in this fascinating  Esri Story Map.

Paper models for geology

A wide variety of paper models to help students visualize the 3D geometries associated with faults. Free downloads offered by the Fault Analysis Group from the School of Earth Sciences, University College Dublin.

My NASA Data | @mynasadata | #earthsystem #data #visualization #tool

my NASA data

Explore the newest My NASA Data collection of resources spotlighting the Next Generation Science Standards related to Earth System phenomena. This latest collection provides resources focused on huricanes, sea and ice melt, land use and cover change, El Nino, flow of energy and matter among the Earth System, and deforestation. Eachof these featured phenomena have corresponding maps, graphs, and/or data mini-lessons, full lesson plans and activities, STWM career connections, GLOBE connections and other resources.

#Dinosaurs Roar Again, Now Including a Focus on #ClimateChange | @AGU_Eos | #fossils #DeepTime

An article introducing the newly renovated fossil hall at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History that features spectacular fossils and includes a theme of human impact on life on Earth. The article includes a sneak peek video and sections on: the Koch gift, transformation of the hall, and the human connection to the exhibit.