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#Paleogeography & #PlateTectonics | @EsriStoryMaps | #Earth #StoryMap

From Pangaea to the continents of today, follow the evolution of Earth over 200 million years in this fascinatingĀ  Esri Story Map.

The Geologic History of Colorado by the Interactive Geology Project | #COgeology #video

1 min read

A Brief History of Colorado Through Time from Interactive Geology Project on Vimeo.

This 25-minute movie illustrates the geologic evolution of Colorado through time, and was used to introduced the AAPG Conference in Denver in May of 2015. This movie is part of the outreach by theĀ Interactive Geology Project of the University of Colorado Boulder in which scientifiaclly accurate digital animations and interactive displays are created for public outreach in schools, museums, national parks, and the general public. Their collection of other Vimeo work may be found here. or in their video library. All media used in this movie was available under Creative Commons licenses, in the public domain, or used with permission by the creator.

When Should You Introduce A Child To #Evolution? by @npr13point7 | free Grandmother Fish #childrensnonfiction

You must read/listen to Barbara J. King on a new book for children on biological evolution. King is a regular contributor to NPR's Cosmos & Culture: Commentary on Science and Society. The commentary is titled When Should You Introduce A Child to Evolution?

Grandmother Fish is for 3- to 7-year olds and was written by Jonathan Tweet and illustrated by Karen Lewis. And King describes the book as "a feast for the senses." Tweet places technical material and terms in an appendix for parents/adults while writing honestly about evolution in a way that engages a child's sense of wonder. King notes that above all "The book is very good on the science."

Now, an even nicer fact about the book is that it is free as a PDF (its development was paid for by crowd-sourcing).

The 25 Biggest Turning Points In Earth's History | BBC #geology #deeptime

Our planet has existed for 4.5 billion years, and it has been a busy few eons. Here are the 25 biggest milestones in Earth's history. From leaps forward in evolution to devastating asteroid impacts, these were the turning points that shaped our world.