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Trumps's national monuments decision could impact dinosaur fossil sites | CBS This Morning

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The future of 21 national monuments is under federal review, as President Trump is expected to significantly downgrade some of them in size and scope. Many scientists worry the move could damage one of the richest deposits of dinosaur bones in the world. Mireya Villarreal went on a dig to see the concerns firsthand (4:05 video).

A New Card Game #Teaches You How #Fossils Form | @mtoran @scifri | #K12 #EarthScience

A short activity where you learn about different types of fossilization. The game's objective, Fossil Me! cards, and game rules are provided.

#Digital #Atlas of Ancient Life | Exploring the Diversity and History of #Fossil Life | @PaleoDigAtlas | #OER

A free resource to help individuals to identify and better understand fossil species from particular regions and time intervals. Presently, four digital atlases have been developed or are under active construction:

  • Cretaceous Atlas of Ancient Life: Western Interior Seaway
  • Digital Atlas of Ordovician Life: Exploring the Fauna of the Cincinnati Region
  • Neogene Atlas of Ancient Life: Southeastern United States
  • Pennsylvanian Atlas of Ancient Life: Midcontinent United States

How to Become a Primate Fossil | Nature Education Knowledge

The article by Holly Dunsworth outlines the steps to fossilization and includes a glossary. The article explains the reasons why fossilization is a rare event and how much time is involved.

A #Dinosaur So Well Preserved It Looks Like a Statue | @TheAtlantic | #nodosaur #fossil

An article by Ed Yong on the discovery, extraction, preparation and reconstruction by the Royal Tyrell Museum of Borealopelta.

Discover How This #Dinosaur Became An Extraordinary #Fossil | @NatGeo | #nodosaur

A great illustrated story showing how @RoyalTyrell's nodosaur, Borealopelta fossilized.


Animated Life | HHMI BioInteractive @BIOINTERACTIVE | #animated #life #video #science #collection #K12

A collection of five short films, made by Sweet Fern Productions and produced in conjuction with The New York Times Op-Docs video channel, bring to life five historical scientific discoveries and the prople behind them. 

  • Alfred Russell Wallace and his contribution to the concept of natural selection
  • Antonie van Leeuwenhoek's microscope
  • Alfred Wegener and the idea of continental drift
  • Mary Leaky and the Laetoli footprints
  • Marjorie Courtenay Latimer's discovery of the coelecanth "fossil fish"

SVP - #Paleontology and Public Lands - #BearsEars National Monument | guest post by @paleorob

An update on the paleontological resources of Bears Ears National Monument by Robert Gay, a paleontologst who has conducted fieldwork in the monument since 2014. He shares that it was no small effort to get paleontoligical resources included in the 2016 proclamation and provides the explicit language. Bears Ears NM and others are currently under review for a reduction in size and Robert Gay points out the review report does not mention paleontology. Under Robert Gay new Triassic bonebeds have been discovered just outside the monument boundaries and that under the review, the monument cannot be shrunk but the boundaries expanded to protect known fossil localities.

Paleontology of Bears Ears National Monument, Utah | PLOS Paleo Community | #BearsEars #paleo

A guest blog posting by Robert Gay (@Paleorob) describing the paleontolical resources from three distinct geologic time spans of the new Bears Ears National Monument (BENM) and his role on speaking out of its importance as a national monument. As part of his efforts he compiled a bibliography of fossil resources in the Monument area.


Contested National Monuments in Utah House Treasure Troves of Fossils | Inside Science | #BearsEars #fossils

A story on paleontology in Utah's big national monuments--Alan Titus's work in Grand Staircase-Escalante NM with possible implications for new Bears Ears NM. Twenty years as a NM, Grand Staircase-Escalante has yielded 12 named dinosaurs, 5 named marine reptiles, 15 species yet to be described, a possible new ecosystem for Laramidia during the Cretaceous, and current work on three tyrannosaurs. For Bears Ears NM the potential is for the continued discovery of earlier organisms (crocodiles, tetrapods), according to Rob Gray, including how life responded just after the Permian-Triassic extinction. Also, a sidebar on looting and destruction of fossil sites.