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#Open #Geoscience Information Collections | @AGI_Updates | #publications #images

The American Geosciences Institute maintains several several open geoscience content collections - publications and images - where the content is either available directly on the website or through a link to the originator of the data. The collections are searchable.

#Paleontology and Public Lands: Access, permits, and potential land use conflicts | @AGI_Updates | #policy #data #brief

The recent Geoscience Currents from the American Geosciences Institute examines the different uses of public lands, including who is allowed to access federal public lands, the permits and expertise requires to use them, and whether or not public lands are open to commercial development for palentologica; resources.

The data brief is intended to provole thought around the juxtaposition of casual, scientific, and commercial use qnd provoke thought around prioritization. The data brief provides a summary chart of regulations and additional resource links to federal agencies.


Newly discovered baby Titanosaur sheds light on dinosaurs' early lives | NSF - National Science Foundation

The NSF Geosciences' announcement of the Curry Rogers et al. Science paper. The announcement includes a summary of the findings, a 1:20 video clip, and additional images.

GeoLog | Velociraptor in the Zagros Mountains #IImaggeo #dinos

A NASA Landsat image that contains an interesting and unexpected feature. Imaggeo is the EGU’s online open access geosciences image repository.