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#Mineral Deposits of the Midcontinent Rift System | @USGS Geonarrative | #geology #StoryMaps

A Geonarrative by the US Geologic Survey using ESRI's StoryMaps platform. About 1.1 billion years ago tectonic forces were ripping the Noeth American continent in half--for a modern analog think East African rift zone. The rift process failed but not before a wealth of metallic mineral deposits--nickel, native copper, copper sulfide, silver, uraniun, iron oxide, cobalt, ...--were empced along the northern section of the rift zone.

This Geonarrative intoduces the MidContinent Rift System (MRS), describes both magmatic and hydrothernal deposits associated with it, introduces a new MRS geologic database, and offers additional resources.

midcontinent rift

h/t StoryMaps - a brave new tool for geoscience outeach, @AZGeology 


It’s Not Your Imagination. #Summers Are Getting #Hotter. | @nytimes | #climatechange #interactive #graphic

This July 28, 2017 New York Times article includes a power interactive graphic of summer temperatures for the northern hemisphere from 1951 - 2015.


What Are You Flying Over? This #Geoscience #MobileApp Will Tell You | @SmithsonianMag

An article describing the start and functions of the Univerity of Minnesota's Flyover Country app. Using GPS, offline geologic maps and interactive points of interests reveal the locations of paleontological and georeferenced Wikipedia articles from your airplane window seat, vehichle or trail. The app was developed by a UMD geology student.

USA 2017 August 21 Total Solar Eclipse | Interactive Google Map | Xavier Jubier

An interactive map showing the path of totality for the Solar Ecipse on August 21, 2017.

Short Answers to Hard Questions About #ClimateChange | @nytimes

A set of 15 questions are answered by @JustinHGillis that provides the basics of climate change, a "cheat sheet."


PBDB Navigator

PBDB Navigator allows users to explore the Paleobiology Database through space, time, and taxonomy with the use of an interactive map and timeline.

The Watershed Sleuth Challenge | @EPA @NEEFusa | #k12 #watershed #science

EPA and the National Environmental Education Foundation created several online activities that help K-12 students learn how to help solve water quality problems. The Watershed Sleuth activities help increase awareness of water quality issues, and participants earn digital badges. Students, families, and other citizen scientists can try their hand at building a model aquifer, or take an interactive quiz to find out where water wasters are. Students can learn where their water comes from and steps they can take to protect water quality.

Inside Yellowstone's Supervolcano

Take an interactive journey deep inside Yellowstone's magnificent supervolcano from National Geographic.

Sea Monsters - Interactive | @NatGeo | #paleo

Monsters of the Ancient Sea - seriously cool interactive by @NatGeo