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How Do You Figure Out How #Dinosaurs Walked? | @scifri @MrKosko | 6-8 #science #lesson #anatomy #fossils

An education resource from Science Friday that covers: birds and dinosaur comparisons, phylogenetics, modeling leg movement with materials and analysis, pelvic shape and walking gait, and making and videotaping a puppet that moves like a theropod. Supporting NGSS standards, charts and worksheets are provided.

The most groundbreaking scientist you've never heard of... | #TedEd #Science #history #video

1 min read

This 4:32 TedEd lesson by Addison Anderson, with animation by Anton Bogaty, recounts the little-known legacy of Nickolas Steno to the fields of geology, paleontology and biology. It was Steno's insistence on empiricism over blind history that influenced the likes of Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin.

Introducing students to geoheritage during Earth Science Week 2016 | GeoEd Trek | AGU Blogosphere

Lesson idea for Geoheritage during Earth Science Week 2016 and link to NPS-AGI Geoheritage publication. The lesson is to find 9 images that are licensed with Creative Commons, link and decrribe each image with one of the 9 literacy principles, and reference the images.

#SOSx Lite | @NOAA_SOS | free introductory flat screen version of NOAA's Science on a Sphere datasets

1 min read

Science on a Sphere Explorer

SOS Lite

A new, free classroom tool is available from the inventors of NOAA's Science on a Sphere, SOS Explorer Lite. SOSx Lite is a Windows/Mac desktop application that offers 16 datasets and three educational tours that weave together datasets to better understand the science behind the datasets. Classroom lesson plans and supporting educational materials are available. System requirements are listed and download links are provided.

SOS desktop