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native lands map

This interactive map is dedicated to helping people across the world learn more about their local indigenous history. The map is searchable by territory, languages, and treaties. Learn more about Victor Temprano's project, the project's community & blog, and the project's teacher's guide. (image source)

USA #Wildfires Live #Updates | @Esri #StoryMap

A realtime interactive map of US wildfires with live updates on contaiment and acreage.

What Causes #Ocean Currents? | @ESRI #StoryMap

A great interactive guide with beautiful visualizations and great explanations.

#Mineral Deposits of the Midcontinent Rift System | @USGS Geonarrative | #geology #StoryMaps

A Geonarrative by the US Geologic Survey using ESRI's StoryMaps platform. About 1.1 billion years ago tectonic forces were ripping the Noeth American continent in half--for a modern analog think East African rift zone. The rift process failed but not before a wealth of metallic mineral deposits--nickel, native copper, copper sulfide, silver, uraniun, iron oxide, cobalt, ...--were empced along the northern section of the rift zone.

This Geonarrative intoduces the MidContinent Rift System (MRS), describes both magmatic and hydrothernal deposits associated with it, introduces a new MRS geologic database, and offers additional resources.

midcontinent rift

h/t StoryMaps - a brave new tool for geoscience outeach, @AZGeology 


USA 2017 August 21 Total Solar Eclipse | Interactive Google Map | Xavier Jubier

An interactive map showing the path of totality for the Solar Ecipse on August 21, 2017.

Want to Browse Some National Park Maps? There’s a Site For That | Smithsonian | #nps #maps

The iconic national park brochures have been digitized. Matt Holly, a park ranger, has digitized over a 1000 maps from 93 of the park services's 411 locations.

Ancient glaciers shaped these Twin Cities. Here's how. -

A topographic map of glacial features for the Twin Cities, created by the Pioneer Press, and accompanying article explaining how these glacial features shaped the development of the Twin Cities over time.

The Racial Dot Map: One Dot Per Person for the Entire U.S. | #race in #America Census #maps

Amazing exploratory map of race in US shows one colored dot per person from 2010 census. Fascinating and troubling to see how the country remains so segregated. For those wanting to try map their own community, is a nifty site.

MGS Map S-21: Bedrock Geology of Minnesota

The Minnesota Geological Survey's interactive map provides bedrock geology and fault line information for the state of Minnesota.

Map Showing Where Today's Countries Would Be Located on Pangea | Open Culture

The map’s creator is Massimo Pietrobon. The map doesn't seem to include the continental shelves, incorporation of which
seemed to help the otherwise gaping spaces between the continents as they are mapped.