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Planet 9: "Insensitive" Term Riles Scientists | Concern how to #define a #planet

Leonard David, a space journalist, shares that a "heady" group of space scientists have posted a reminder concerned on how to define the term "planet."

‘I don’t care what they say about me’: Paleontologist stares down critics in her hunt for dinosaur proteins | @sciencemagazine

Defying conventional wisdom, Mary Schweitzer works to transform dinosaur paleontology into a molecular science. The article, by Robert Service, outlines Schweitzer's path to paleontongy and recent work with critics and new supporters.

All the #Dinosaurs You Love Were Created by #Artists | @Crixeo | #paleoart

Katherine DM Clover (@Postnuc_mama) describes the influence of paleoartists visual representations of prehistoric creatures on culture through examples of Charles Knight, Gregory Paul and their present-day collaboration with paleontologists.

New scientific data, and fresh interpretations of old data, can lead to massive shifts in our understanding of the past.

Everybody's Got Questions (Yup) | YouTube video by @ScienceWithTom | #inquirylearning #NGSS

A 3:43 video from Tom McFadden. As described by Tom," ...The world is fascinating. You've just got to ask the right questions. For this parody of "Choices" by E-40, Tom got cameos from 76 scientists, engineers, educators, and YouTubers to show the power of scientific curiosity. Subscribe to Science With Tom - "