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Digging Up A New #Dinosaur | @OnPointRadio - NPR | Meet #Patagotitan

Guests of this 47:04 program include:

  • Traci Watson, a USA Today science contributor
  • Diego Pol, a co-author of the new study
  • Jeff Wison, an associate curator of Museum of Paleontolgy at the University of Michigan

Three related articles are shared along with six images to introduce Argentina's Patagotitan.

Daring to Dig | American #Women in history of #Paleontology | @PRInstitution

An online exhibit about the role of women in paleontolgy, told through stories. Includes past and present paleontologists. h/t @projectFossil

Palaeoart Memes and the Unspoken Status Quo in Palaeontological Popularization | by @TetZoo | #PopPalaeo

A discussion of paleoart memes--the repeated themes of detail, composition and design of fossil animals--through four examples. A link to the Popularizing Paleontolgy conference website with videos of talks is provided>.

#Dinosurs #video | #ColoradoExperience | @RockyMountainPBS

1 min read

A Rocky Mountain PBS episode (27:19) was submitted by Rick Wallner and the 7th Graders of Century Middle School with @DinosaurJourney curator of paleontolgy Julia McHugh. Once a tropical landscape inhabited by dinosaurs, Colorado has a fascinating history of paleontology. Discover the "Bone Wars" of the late 1800s and the major fossil finds across Colorado. h/t @DinosaurJourney

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