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My NASA Data | @mynasadata | #earthsystem #data #visualization #tool

my NASA data

Explore the newest My NASA Data collection of resources spotlighting the Next Generation Science Standards related to Earth System phenomena. This latest collection provides resources focused on huricanes, sea and ice melt, land use and cover change, El Nino, flow of energy and matter among the Earth System, and deforestation. Eachof these featured phenomena have corresponding maps, graphs, and/or data mini-lessons, full lesson plans and activities, STWM career connections, GLOBE connections and other resources.

150th Anniversary of the Powell Expedition | @USGS | #powell150 #river #science

The USGS is participating in this year's Sesquicentenial Colorado River Exploring Expedition ( to collect data over the almost 1,000-mile journey, talk about USGS science, and generate educational resources. The site includes: a Story Map by EROS, educational resources, explorer activities, and links to multimedia and publications. @MajorJWPowell


A new old home for the nations #dinosaurs | @wapo | #DeepTime

A brief review of the initial Hall of Fossils at the Smithsonian's NMNH with subsequent renovations. The new Deep Time exhibit is presented with a brief virtual tour, followed by the article that focuses on the changes--including a focus on human involvement, climate change, and updates on displays from advances in science and technology. A virtual display of the exhibits's centerpiece, Nation's T. rex and Hatcher the triceratops, is included.

More science in more places with Science Journal and Google Drive

Google's Science Journal now syncs with Google Drive allowing one to easily access and back up their experiments. This announcement also includes links for new resources on teacher professional development modules and science activities from Scholastic, Arduino, Vernier's Go Direct sensors, Wokbernch, and the Science Journal website.


How Do We Know What #Dinosaurs Looked Like? | @SciFri @BSoash | #educator #paleontology #paleoart #resource

A free educator's resource by Brian Soash and Science Friday. The resource allows students to explore the process behind what paleontologists and paleoartists do within the context of dinosaurs from the Jurassic Morrison formation. Materials include: student notebook, dinosaur ID guide, and Morrison Formation organisms. Images by Rebecca Hunt-Foster (@paleochick).

K20 LEARN Strategies

Quickly select from 100+ learning strategies from this page or use the search and filter option. Each strategy is presented as a flip card summarizing the strategy. The card then links to more details on the strategy. K20 LEARN also offers lessons, activities, and phenomemon-based science resources (NGSS).

#PaleoArt - New Visions of Ancient Creatures | @SciFri | #video

1 min read

Paleoartist and science illustrator Gabriel Ugueto shares how he resurrects ancient organisms by starting with a single bone and working his way from inside out. The video was a production of ScienceFriday.

#Earthrise: A #Video Reconstruction | @APOD

1 min read

An explanation and credits for this video reconstruction is provided at Astronomy Picture of the Day. Details of the 1968 Earthrise are provided by NASA's Science Visualization Studio

How #dinosaurs are brought back to life--through art | @john_pickrell @NatGeo | #paleoart

A National Geographic story by John Pickrell that looks at how paleoartists bring their prehistoric visions to life from the Picturing the Past exhibit @NMMNHS.Thoughts and artwok by Brian Engh, Matt Celesky, Beth Zaiken and Gabriel N. U.

What’s Next For Utah’s National Monuments? | @scifri | #BearsEars #paleontology

In this 23:29 episode of Science Friday, paleontologits David Polly and Stuart Sumida discuss the future of two fossil-rich national monuments with law professor John Rupple in light of recent lawsuits regarding cuts to both monuments. Photos from Bears Ears NM and related links including paleontological repercussions, an interactive map of Grand Staircase-Escalante NM and Bears Ears MM, drilling progress, and a video of 100 photos of Bears Ears from Friends of Cedar Mesa are included.