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Relearning The #Star Stories Of #Indigenous Peoples | @SciFri | #astronomy #stories

Just as the people of early Western Civilization looked to the stars and told stories about them, so did indigenous people around the world.

J. W. Powell's Perilous River Expedition: From a remote sensing perspective | @USGS_EROS | #StoryMap

Powell's jouney 150 years ago became one of the great surveys of the west that led to the formation of the U.S. Geological Survey. Powell said, "The exploration was not for adventure, but purely for scientific purposes, geographic and geologic." But, it turned out to be an epic adventure. The expedition team left Green River, Wyoming, on May 24, 1869, and made it past the Grand Canyon to the confluence of the Colorado River and the Vigin River on August 30. This StoryMap includes 13 layers and provides several stories of the adventure along the way.(source)


Our Ouray CO trip | An ArcGIS StoryMap

(Click here for direct access in the same tab)

A map making, story telling excercise using the new StoryMaps builder from Esri based on a recent trip. Click on the title of this post to access the StoryMap.

Storymapping the Esri UC: 5 storytelling takeaways | @ArcGISStoryMaps | #storymaps #GIS

Explore multimedia resources, great storymaps and links to new resources to get you started with ArcGIS StoryMaps by the StoryMaps team.

An Anatomy of a Story | An ArcGIS StoryMaps cheat sheet | @ArcGISStoryMaps team | #StoryMaps #guide

This ArcGIS StoryMap breaks down one StoryMap narrative into a simple StoryMaps reference guide, with basic information and pro tips.

Getting Started with ArcGIS #StoryMaps | @ArcGISStoryMaps | #tutorial

A 1:28 video introducing the new, updated StoryMaps tool from Esri (blog post):

The link above leads you to a step-by-step guide to use the new ArcGIS StoryMaps builder from the Esri StoryMaps team.

Addendum 7/24/19:

Autoplay your new ArcGIS StoryMaps by just adding "/play" to the end of the story link and magic happens.


  • Adjust spped by using "/play/fast" or "/play/slow"
  • Tap SPACEBAR to pause and restart auto-scrolling
  • Use a mouse wheel or scrollbar to navigare in autoplay mode

USA #Wildfires Live #Updates | @Esri #StoryMap

A realtime interactive map of US wildfires with live updates on contaiment and acreage.

Daring to Dig | American #Women in history of #Paleontology | @PRInstitution

An online exhibit about the role of women in paleontolgy, told through stories. Includes past and present paleontologists. h/t @projectFossil

The man who brought #dinosaurs to #MN to retire at 86 | @kare11

A newscast video and accompanying article with additional images recognizing the career of paleontologist Bruce Erickson for 58 year career with the Science Museum of Minnesota.

New Tools, Old Bones: Bringing #Fossils to Life Through #Technology by @greatbigstory with @BBPaleo

Bighorn Basin Paleo recreates prehistoric worlds from Elk Basin MT with Intel technology to answer questions 145 million years in the making in this 3:24 video by Great Big Story.