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K20 LEARN Strategies

Quickly select from 100+ learning strategies from this page or use the search and filter option. Each strategy is presented as a flip card summarizing the strategy. The card then links to more details on the strategy. K20 LEARN also offers lessons, activities, and phenomemon-based science resources (NGSS).

Science Notebook Corner

Keeping a notebook can help your students think and act like scientists. Easy-to-implement strategies and lessons to bring science notebooking into your classroom.

Creative Ways to Create Your Own OER | edWeb webinar

In this October 2014 webinar (1:02), Tyler DeWitt, project lead for MIT+k12 video outreach program and with, shows k-12 educators how to create open educational resources (OER) using materials they already have. Keypoints to the webinar: What is OER and why it's important; How to specifically designate your work as OER and share it with OER repositories; How to create content with text and images; How to create content with audio and video; and General strategies to start making content on your own. Examples and suggested tools are provided. Free registration required to access archived webinar.

Ten Alternative Assessment Strategies | John Spencer

Multiple types of formative assessments plus a slide presentation. May sign up for Alternative Assessment Toolkit with forms and frameworks for each of the assessment strategies.