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Digging Up A New #Dinosaur | @OnPointRadio - NPR | Meet #Patagotitan

Guests of this 47:04 program include:

  • Traci Watson, a USA Today science contributor
  • Diego Pol, a co-author of the new study
  • Jeff Wison, an associate curator of Museum of Paleontolgy at the University of Michigan

Three related articles are shared along with six images to introduce Argentina's Patagotitan.

Tales of a Baby #Dinosaur | News | Macalester College

The announcement of the Kristi Curry Rogers et al. paper in Science on the baby Rapetosaurus. The announcement includes a 3:18 video interview.

Meet 'Titanosaur' in #VR | #dinosaur #video

1 min read

Sir David Attenborough, in conjuction with the BBC, explains the unique nature of a "Titanosaur" discovered in Patagonia in 2013 in this 4:03 video using CG rendering of the animal with 360 degree virtual reality. The blending of these media provides a sense of live action and epic sense of scale. This brief article explains the production of the video.  

New Dinosaur Poses Question: Does This Museum Make Me Look Fat? - The New York Times | #dinosaur

The NYT article includes a 1:19 video clip of the titanosaur installation process at the American Museum of Natural History ( and a 9 photo slide show