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Scale of the Solar System with accurate rotations (remastered) | James O'Donoghue @physicsJ | #solarsystem #visualization

1 min read

This animation is to help understand the size scales of the Solar System, along with the roation rates of the planets. At all times, the scale of the planets and the Sun are accurate. Images are from NASA.

[Update] The eight planets and two dwarf planets | James O'Donoghue @physicsJ | #solarsystem #visualization

1 min read

Now with Pluto and Ceres:

Shown: rotation, tilt, sidereal day, Tilts are "Obliquity to orbit" as there are multiple definitions of "axial tilt." There are still many unmapped dwarf planets. (source)

2 Degrees C: Beyond the Limit | @WaPo | #climatechange #dataviz

A long article by Chris Mooney and others about the extreme measures of climate change that are already occurring across the USA. Northerm Minnesota is one area where the change in temperature has been most extreme, and highlighted in this article.The article also includes several examples of data visualization.

Inside Yellowstone's Supervolcano | @NatGeo | #illustration

Peer into the inner-workings of Yellowstone's supervolcano in this stunning illustration from National Geographic.

Watch as the Ridgecrest #earthquake shatters desert floor in stunning before-and-after #images | @latimes | #GoogleEarth #faulting

Animated slides show how the 2019 Ridgecrest CA earthquake permanently jolted a huge block of Earth along the fault away from the other. Images by @SotisValkan / Google Earth / Digital Globe.

#Earthrise: A #Video Reconstruction | @APOD

1 min read

An explanation and credits for this video reconstruction is provided at Astronomy Picture of the Day. Details of the 1968 Earthrise are provided by NASA's Science Visualization Studio

#Interactive Ancient #Earth globe | #Jurassic Period

The interactive globe allows you to select time periods by age or first geologic or organism events.Plate Tectonics and paleogeographic maps from C. R. Scotese's PALEOMAP Project are used. A brief summary of your selected time period is provided. You may also enter an address to view it on the globe.This interactive globe is part of Dinosaur Database. Both are projects of Ian Webster.

Understanding #Science | #ScienceProcess #InteractiveTool | @BioInteractive

HHMI Biointeractive offers a new interactive visual mapping tool that lets students explore the methods of science by having them construct models showing the paths a scientific investigation may take. This tool allows students and educators to document, annotate, and reflect upon their own and others' scientific research process.