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State of Minnesota Water Feature Map and list of county Lakes, Rivers, Streams - CCCarto

A map and listing of Minnesota rivers, lakes, streams and water features.

OWDI Drought | Colorado River Basin historic #drought interactive guide | @interior @OSUCEOAS

This online interactive guide, using open data, provides background and reources to the historic Colorado River Basin drought since 2000 impacting water supply, hydropower, recreation and ecology. 

Geology | Minnesota River Basin Data Center | #MN #glacial #geology #landscape #videos

An "Ask an Expert" page listing 10 short videos of the geology of the Minnesota River Basin by Dr. Carrie Jennings, a glacial geologist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Topics include: Story of Lake Aggasiz and Glacial River Warren; geology and water quality; some of Earth's oldest rocks; What is a glacial moraine?; and the bend in the Minnesota River Valley. Additional resource links to: 360 panoramic view; flash animations on MN glaciation and River Warren and valley formation; and a pdf on a DNR excerpt on the Geology of the Minnesota River Basin.

How to Get Good, Clean Drinking Water: The Big Picture Approach | @UntamedScience #watersupply

1 min read

Land use cover and how it relates to our drinking water... A 9:35 video from Untamed Science.

The Watershed Sleuth Challenge | @EPA @NEEFusa | #k12 #watershed #science

EPA and the National Environmental Education Foundation created several online activities that help K-12 students learn how to help solve water quality problems. The Watershed Sleuth activities help increase awareness of water quality issues, and participants earn digital badges. Students, families, and other citizen scientists can try their hand at building a model aquifer, or take an interactive quiz to find out where water wasters are. Students can learn where their water comes from and steps they can take to protect water quality.

Lake Superior and the Mid-Continent Rift - The billion year story | #LakeSuperior #geology #video

A 13-minute video "Lake Superior and the Midcontinent Rift: the billion year story"​ tells the “story behind the scenery” covering both the geology and geoheritage - how the Mid-continent rift gave rise to Lake Superior that is the basis of the area’s water-based history and economy, the copper deposits that shaped the region’s settlement and growth, and today’s tourist industry.

The video was produced by Northwestern University and features several EarthScope researchers.

The video is available on the EarthScope YouTube channel at . h/t @earthscienceguy

Update (7/18/16): The video is now available at:

NASA’s Eyes on Earth, Solar System & Exoplanets | #OER #EarthRightNow #visualization #apps

Monitor our planet's vital signs, such as sea level height, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and Antarctic ozone. Trace the movement of water around the globe using the gravity map from NASA's GRACE satellites. Spot volcanic eruptions and forest fires using the carbon monoxide vital sign. Check out the hottest and coldest locations on Earth with the global surface temperature map. Observe Earth from a global perspective in an immersive, 3-D environment.

Eyes on the Solar System lets you explore the planets, their moons, asteroids, comets and the spacecraft exploring them from 1950 to 2050. Eyes on Exoplanets will fly you to any planet you wish—as long as it’s far beyond our solar system. Look at more than 1,000 exotic planets known to orbit distant stars.